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At approximately 9:30pm on Tuesday 21 January 2014, a series of explosions at the Foxden Mine lead to injuries and serious damage to the Great Wall of Foxden.

Routine detonations which were being undertaken inside the mine, for mining purposes, went out of control, sending TNT flying in all directions. At least three blocks of TNT impacted and exploded up against the Wall, causing severe damage. Officials confirmed that the Wall was not fully breached; the Wall is hollow, with a wall on the kingdom side and a wall on the wilderness side, and only the kingdom-side wall was broken.

One person who was stood in the mine, Pendolino390004, suffered several hearts of damage from the explosion. The mine was closed for the remainder of the day. The area surrounding the accident remains sealed off ahead of expected repairs commencing 22 January.

Silverfish contamination fears[]

The explosion released at least two silverfish from out of the Wall, when the blocks they had been residing in had been destroyed in the explosion; however, all silverfish died from fall damage upon exiting their block. Later examinations of the Wall confirmed that the uppermost half of the Wall had mistakenly been built out of silverfish blocks, unbeknown to the builders at the time, raising fears of a possible future silverfish epidemic. Some analysts concluded that this "new threat from within" regarding the silverfish was the "greatest threat to the integrity of the Kingdom". However, many see the silverfish crisis as simply "a storm in a teacup".

The Kingdom has made no official response regarding the silverfish discovery.