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Looking down Foxden Road on 21 January 2014

Foxden Road is a major road in Foxden, running from the Spawntower to a cul-de-sac in an area of housing and office space. This area is the most built up area of Foxden so far, and is where everyone lives and works currently.

Until 22 January 2014, the road was lined by spruce trees. However, after complaints that these made road look too overgrown and made the houses hidden from the road, the spruce trees nearest to the road were removed.

Buildings on Foxden Road[]

  • Spawntower (does not have an address)
  • 1 Foxden Road
  • 2 Foxden Road (formerly the Foxden Demo Plot)
  • 3 Foxden Road
  • 4 Foxden Road (also known as the Foxden Wiki Headquarters)
  • 6 Foxden Road
  • 7 Foxden Road
  • 8 Foxden Road

Currently empty plots[]

  • 5 Foxden Road