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This wiki is not active anymore

Hello and welcome to the Foxden Wiki![]


  • Foxden Wiki announces that it is to close down.
  • Safety While Around Gold and the Ravine Safety Campaign are closed down.
  • Ownership of the Safety While Around Gold (SWAG) and Ravine Safety Campaign (RSC) groups passes to bluedestroyer88.
  • The Protest for All that is Good ends in serious violence.
  • The SWAG/RSC combined open evening is postponed to 1 February as a result of a server rollback and protests, and is later cancelled completely.
  • The Foxden Wiki headquarters at 4 Foxden Road are hit by a large explosion.
  • An explosion at the Foxden Mine causes serious damage to the Great Wall of Foxden and uncovers a possible silverfish epidemic crisis.
  • The server is devastated by a serious crash, resulting in a serious loss of progress on the server.
  • Multiplay Foxden Wiki officially relaunches.
  • Foxden SMP officially relaunches.
  • Ownership of the Multiplay Foxden Wiki is finally handed back from Andrew to George following days of negotiating.